Our Mission Statement

Spelled out TKCW’s global mission is building and protecting families’ legacies, beginning with estate planning.

A relationship built on trust and focused on long term results is our goal in our relationship with you. TKCW creates a financial plan that is built around family utilizing integral comprehensive planning, combining multiple financial products and strategies providing diversification and opportunity that coincide with client objectives and time horizons. We work closely with specialized professionals who are experienced in developing a portfolio that is specifically formulated to meet each family’s unique needs.  Our plans offer multiple strategies and transparency while preserving capital.  But it does not end there. TKCW will continue to develop our relationship for the long term through education, guidance, and regular communication.

We provide financial services to families living both in the U.S. and outside the U.S. with a focus on China.  Our professionals are bi-lingual, speaking English and fluent Mandarin Chinese.  We are also familiar with the Chinese culture which facilitates better communication with these families.

While each plan is unique, we begin with basic strategic principles: 

Preservation:  Our primary goal is to preserve capital and prevent loss in our clients’ portfolios.

Long Term View: We strive to achieve good risk adjusted returns in our clients’ portfolios over time.

Balance: Proper diversification balances risk and return, growth and income, and levels of liquidity.

Tax Awareness: TKCW advisors are tax sensitive with our investment strategies. We strive to identify favorable tax opportunities. Our principals have extensive experience in tax planning for clients living in the U.S. as well as in China.