Our Strengths

Extensive Experience

TKC Wealth Management Advisors offer over 45-years combined experience in financial and estate planning. We have developed an Asset Allocation model that is disciplined and diversified.  The model was developed from the J.P. Morgan Assets Management platform. TKC Advisors are exceedingly knowledgeable about the U.S. economic and financial markets.  We continue to develop our current client relationships while seeking to establish new long term client relationships. We of course continue to offer fourth-generation clients financial assistance to preserve their legacies for many years to come.

Professional Management

TKCW’s experienced team and proven management system provide you professional and quality service. Our advisors are committed to regular communication with their client’s and to providing complete financial advice including investments, insurance, tax advantages, and estate planning.  Our clients can count on us to offer them complete financial planning that will help them meet their current and future financial needs.

Investment principle

TKCW Advisors utilize our management program to diversify your portfolio and provide steady growth.  We strive to offer the right product mix and opportunities while minimizing the impact of taxes. We will offer you sound suggestions to help you achieve your long-term goals. 

Control risk

Aiming at long-term benefits, we especially emphasize risk management. We take advantage of properly diversified portfolios to balance risk and return as well as the level of liquidity of your assets, preserving your family wealth.

Culture Background

Our advisory team reflects the diversity of the communities and cultures in which we serve and operate.  This allows us to better understand the challenges and expectations of all our clients and meet their needs.

Reasonable Fees

As a Registered Investment Adviser in the States of Texas, California and Colorado, TKC Wealth Management, LLC looks to develop and build a long-term relationship with you and your family or business. TKCW Advisors consider you our priority.  When we meet with you our only focus is on you and getting to know all about you and what is important to you. We do not collect commission on trades of investments. Transaction fee are collected by the clearing firm, TKCW is only compensated by a quarterly fee based on the value of your account.